4 Effective Tactics of Monitoring SEO growth For Your Website

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Would you like to grow your business and reach a high number of potential clients and generate quality leads? Well, consider monitoring seo growth.

Many businesses are going online. It indicates more companies and individuals are creating websites.

If your site is not well optimized, then it will be challenging to market your products and services.

Clients’ needs to know about your business and what you are offering.

That is where the essential to consider SEO.

Apart from just optimizing your site, you need to monitor the tactics that you are using to maximize your business efficiently.

Having the right tactics to monitor your SEO and business growth is vital.

SEO can make or break your business; which can profoundly affect your returns on investment. Be keen always to monitor your site optimizing tactics.

Measuring and Monitoring seo growth

Different indicators will tell you more about your search optimization. Respond to them effectively to help keep your business at the top and attract quality leads.

It is essential to measure and monitor your search engine optimization so that you can improve on it.

 1. Organic Search Traffic

The main reason you optimize your content is to market your services and products to your customers. Organic traffic helps bring leads to your website through search engines.

It is essential to grow your website traffic for high lead conversion

Monitor traffic changes that can result to decrease in organic search and affect your business.

It is essential to track down your organic search website traffic using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a great tool to help you in seo monitoring.

It enables you to analyze different seo related factors like page views, where to find your website traffic, and your online campaigns that bring high lead conversion.

Organic traffic is one way of monitoring  seo growth. Using google analytics you can know all the sources of traffic to your website.

If your site has high number of visitors from search engines like Google it is a clear indication your content is doing pretty well.

2. Bounce rate.

It is percentage of website visitors who leave your website after viewing just a page of the site. It is a clear indicator the content on the website was not beneficial to them.

Monitoring and measuring bounce rate can have a high impact on your lead conversion.

Bounce rate is measured in percentage. If its percentage is 25%, then this indicates that 25% of the people just visited a page of your website and left.

It is essential to monitor and improve your website bounce rate. Create great and informative content that engages your website visitors.

Offering high-quality content and make your site easy to navigate can assist in monitoring seo growth and attract quality leads.

3. Backlinks

When monitoring seo growth, it is essential to consider backlinks. Linking your website to reputable sites with high domain authority will help you in search engine ranking.

Backlinks help in evaluating your link-building campaigns for your website and content optimization.

If many people are linking your content to their site, it indicates they are loving your content and finding it useful.

Having a high number of backlinks to your website improves your ranking in search engines.

Offer high-quality content site visitors will find useful to link back to their website or blog posts they will be writing.

It is essential to consider on-page seo in relations to your website link-building campaigns.

Here are some great tools to help you analyze your backlinks and assist in monitoring seo growth for your site.

Link with high score after examining them is an indicator that they are quality links.

Monitoring your backlinks assists you to gauge the success of your tracking tactics and help you in building a relationship with potential clients and increasing your domain authority.


4. Keyword search

People visit google to find solutions to challenges they are facing. To draw visitors to your site and improve your ranking, research the keywords they use to find your content and consume it.

There are many tools you can use in the keyword search. It is essential to use the right tools for keyword search With the right keywords you can monitor the people using specific keywords to visit your website and track traffic.

It is essential to consider keywords people mostly use in their search for your content.

Link your content to keywords website visitors type in the search engine when searching for content in the niche you write.

Apart from using excellent tools for keyword search, it is essential to search for keywords smartly.

Consider the interests of the website visitors when creating content and when using keywords they are likely to use in their content search.

People will use different keywords when searching for content. Some will type in keywords that relate to products that you offer, and others will use keywords concerning your brand.

Have a seed list, which is your set of different keyword ideas depending on the content you are offering your readers.

The set of keywords will help you determine the ones that will link well with the content that you will be writing.

Tracking Keywords

There are both free and paid tools to help in tracking keywords you use in your website content. Following your keywords can assist you in monitoring seo growth for your site.

Tools that can help monitor and track your keywords and how they convert traffic into leads include.

  • Serpfox
best tool for keyword tracking for monitoring seo growth
Serpfox website, great keyword tracker tool

Once you sign up your account, add your website URL. Then expand your URL to add keywords. Then add keywords you want to track one per line.

You can narrow down your tracking to a specific country or search engine. Serpfox tool will then check your keyword ranking. Upgrading to the paid version of Serpfox will give you more options on how to track your keywords.

From the tracking, you can be able to know how you rank in search engine. Tracking is essential to help you in monitoring seo growth.

It will also help you know the content your visitors need most and help you tailor your blog posts to capture your visitors’ interests.

  • Pro Rank Tracker
keyword tracker for monitoring seo growth based on keywords
Pro rank tracker, keyword tracking tool


This tool is great when it comes to keyword tracking.

The free trial has limited features. With the paid version, you can track and improve on your keywords ranking.

It also helps get your overall search engine ranking and analyze them for your high ranking in search engines. It has a great support to make sure you get the best out of the features for more top ranking.



It is essential to track and monitor your website search engine optimization. Optimizing your website by offering great content your readers will love, and share is vital.

Keep on monitoring and improving your content for high ranking in search engine.

With good ranking, you can market your products and services to a high number of potential clients who find you through search engines.

Converting your acquired leads to consumers will increase your sales and improve your return on investment for your business.