4 Great Ways To Shorten Sales Cycle

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Are you a business owner offering a service or product to a client? Well, I bet that your first goal is to get high traffic to your site. Then the visitors are converted to leads and lastly potential customers through the sales cycle.

However, if the sales cycle is long, there is a high probability that the sales you make at the end of the funnel will be few.

It is essential to create high-informative content that will help you shorten the sales cycle.

For this step to be useful, you need to have the buyer persona, analyze and present the information that the buyer would be in need of before making the sales.

If the customers get high-informative content on your site explaining more about products or services you offer, they will make a buying decision easily hence shortening the selling process.

It is important to know the sales cycle process to be able to understand well how to offer great content and guideline on how to shorten the period:

Stages of sales cycle

The sales cycle is the product selling process to your client. Google gives the following definition.

sales cycle, selling process, closing on a sale
The image is a definition of sales cycle by google

Source: Google

Before you start on the process of leads prospecting, consider these key points.

1.Lead Prospecting

As a business, you need to find leads that will turn into potential clients. There are different ways of prospecting for leads. There are various ways of attracting high-quality leads into your selling cycle. It is essential to use different tactics to draw massive traffic and capture leads for your sales cycle. However, focus on attracting quality leads.

More reading: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/how-salespeople-can-generate-their-own-leads

2. Appointment

In this stage, establish a connection with your leads. Call them and get to know more about each prospect in respect to their purchase desires and your products and services you are offering them. Among the many prospects that you got, some will be willing to proceed with the buying journey.

3. Qualifying

Get to know deep about your prospects. Ask them questions on what they want to purchase and their product preference. The process helps in evaluating leads who are willing to continue with the sales process. As you qualify your leads, give them deep insights on the products you are offering.


In this stage, you present and explain to your potential clients about your products. They get to interact with the products as they make a buying decision. Investigate and evaluate your buyer persona, to make this sales cycle process easy.

You also handle any objections and clarification details from your potential customers as you present your products to them.

5. Purchasing

You urge your prospects to make a sale. The process is also known as closing a sale. It is a make or break moment. The customer can walk away with the product or leave it on the table. It is essential to use various techniques to win the client.

Be ready to deal with client objections.

Knowing what the sales cycle entails, it is essential to  have a short sales processes. Approaching the sales cycles in the right way will help you to easily convert your leads to clients and increase your sales by a larger margin.

It is important to have a short sales cycle to convert leads to potential clients and make sales faster. It will make sure the business grows fast.

How to reduce sales cycle

Offer high-quality content

Potential clients need to have all the information they need about a product. It gives them an in-depth explanation about a product.

With high-quality content, leads can make purchase decisions faster as they have all the information that they need about a product.

The high-quality content include:


Structuring your frequently asked questions will assist answer the questions your leads may have. Prospects can easily proceed with the sales process if their burning questions are answered. It is essential to use effective keywords to direct your leads to FAQ’s page.

2. Clear purchase process

You may be having a great product or service to offer, but if your purchase process is not simple and clear to understand, your sales will be affected.

Have a well-drafted step-by-step process on how clients will walk through the sales funnel.

Having an organized purchase process helps in shortening the sales cycle.

3. Know why clients don’t make sales

It is essential to know why potential leads that enter your sales funnel are not making sales. Having the facts on why leads are not making sales helps in establishing a sales strategy to ensure high sales.

The data can also help you in understanding your buyer persona and shortening of your sales process.

Potential clients are faced with one big challenge: Decision making.

Helping your customers through the decision-making process will reduce the time it takes to close a sale.

4. Attract quality leads

It is essential to attract many leads before starting a sale process. However, not all the leads will be quality. Focus on the leads that can be potentially converted to clients as per the services that you are offering.

It is necessary to concentrate on quality prospects and draw high-quality leads to your business. They will be interested in the products that you will be offering. This will make it easy when presenting and making products to them and significantly reduce the selling cycle.


Taking your potential clients in the selling cycle in the short time and  make sure that they make a sale is vital for any business. A shorter sales cycle reduces marketing expenses and helps a business in maximizing sales. As a business, it is essential to shorten your sales cycle. Consider using the above tactics to shorten your selling process.


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