5 Amazingly Great Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic

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As a freelancer writer, having a website is the best way to market you to clients see here, however, having a website alone is not sufficient. Your site needs to be seen to be optimized for many people to view it and learn about you and your services.

The content is to give you some fantastic ways to market yourself and attract well- paying clients. If you don’t have any website, worry not have a look at this article on how to create one. Let’s get on with it.

1.Guest Blogging

Identify sites that have a high number of visitors per day. Ask the owners if they can allow you to write posts for their site. Write great and high-quality content that will encourage readers to want more content from you.

At the end of the content, you will be allowed to write your bio and also a link to your website or blog. Through this way, you can draw traffic to your site. Besides just bringing traffic to your site, guest blogging has other advantages to your freelancer business.

Having challenges on how to write useful guest posts, view this article for guidance.

2.Write Great Content for Readers

Update your blog or website regularly with high irresistible content for your viewers. In short, your website is acting as a place where your readers will come for an answer to their problems. When your readers get more than help from your content, they are likely to recommend it to other people.

Through this way, you can grow your website traffic. Check out my previous article about writing great professional content here.

You can also have a look at this great article for more information and guidance on how to write great content for your site. With an extensive content for your website, you can reach a huge number of people, and this will help in growing your traffic faster.

3.Use Social Media

Once you write great content, you can link it to social media. The most common and useful social media sites with many people are Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Have a look at this screen shot of statistic of Facebook users in 2017?

You can view this article for user statistics on Facebook and other social media accounts. Sharing the high content of your website to social media will help grow your traffic. With the right social media plugin, you can easily share your site content on social media to increase your content shareability and build traffic.

4.Email Marketing

With the right email marketing, you can grow traffic to your website by converting leads into customers. Read this guide for more information on email marketing and how it will boost your traffic. Marketing your website through email marketing will significantly increase your SEO (search engine optimization). This will help rank your site high in the search engines.

With a large number of email subscribers to your mailing list, you can grow traffic by sending them great content that helps solve their problems. They share the content and recommend them to their friends and other people.

The people then are given links to your website for more content, and this continues to drive traffic to your site.

5.Write Blog Posts Frequently

Updating your blog or website often with great content helps drive traffic to it. Google sorts and indexes your site to improve your optimization. Keeping your site updated helps in lead generation. It helps in growing your subscribers for your content and eventually increases traffic.

The blog posts should be of varying lengths depending on the topic under discussion. In-depth articles should be lengthy and well written to explain in depth and provide details on the subject of the blog. Short content that needs a light explanation can be short. However, Google indexing favors mostly long content.


For a profitable freelancer business, a website is essential. Above are some of the great ways to drive traffic to your site. Use them effectively for high traffic and faster growth of your freelancer business.