About me

Freelancer writer in B2B content marketing and SEO content


Thanks for visiting my website. My name is James Nguma. I am an experienced freelance writer in B2B content marketing and SEO niches for more than three years.

I decided to write content in these specialty areas to help companies and individuals market themselves and make great sales.

B2B content marketing

Inbound Marketing

As a business owner, selling is one of the key reasons for running a business. It is essential to get clients trust you, your brand and services that you offer. I will offer you great marketing ways to help you make sales as you earn your customers’ trust.

Different clients interpret information in different ways. Having the right inbound marketing, clinets can make quick decision of purchasing products. This will help you in increasing sales and growing your business.

Products and services need to reach the clients in the way that they will understand. I offer client-centered content to help in lead acquisition and convert them to customers.

With the right marketing strategy jointed with site optimization, a company can reach many potential leads and turn them into customers.

SEO Content writing

Even if a content marketing copy is great but is not read by many people, it will not be profitable to the company. I give tips and great content on how to optimize your content. I will help you with:

  1. Creating content for your site on how to optimize your services and products to clients.
  2. Helping you in marketing your services and products.
  3. Write you keyword optimized content for selling your services to potential clients.

High  optimized copy views help to convert your leads to potential customers.

I offer amazing, educative and quality content in B2B content marketing and SEO to help businesses and individuals achieve their sales goals.

Content on freelancer business

Apart from content in my B2B marketing and SEO, I help freelancer writers in building their online business, on how to grow it and get high-paying clients.

You can always contact me for content in the specialty niches all the time. You can subscribe to my email list to receive great content on how to grow your freelance business and increase your online income.

You can reach to me for any question, comment or concern. Feel free to fill the form below. You can drop me an email at james@freelanceraddress.com. I will be happy to reply.