Tips on How to Get Direct Clients

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Where can I get real paying  direct clients who will appreciate and pay me well for my articles? It is one of the most disturbing questions to any online writer both experienced and newbie. Well, I am going to give you some tips on how you can get direct clients who will be supplying you with constant workflow with good pay.

However, before you get better paying direct clients, you have to be producing quality and professional articles. I had posted a post on how you can write a professional article recently can just check on it for more information The following are some of the tips for getting clients

Start Blogging

Start a blog on the niche that you have passion. Keep blogging about topics that are related to the services that you offer. If for example you a blog about health, then create posts that are related to your niche like what causes obesity, its side effects and how to reduce it. Make sure you update your blog regularly and market it to the public. Always post great content that will attract visitors to your blog.

Use Social Media

You can get clients through social media avenues. Market your skills through Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social media of your choice. Create a ready client profile and a professional one that will attract customers to your skills. Market yourself to the public and showcase your skills and expertise to the public.

Family and Friends

These are the most vital tools to use in getting clients. Use your family and friends connect you to customers in different areas. That will help you in growing your skills and making more money from the jobs that you will get. Make sure that you give quality work all the times and satisfy the customer’s needs.

Freelancer Sites

These are some great ways to get long-term clients who will be supplying you with constant work all the times. One such great site is, although this is a bidding site and you are required to bid for work you can get long term clients who will be giving you work all the times with good pay for your articles. Other sites are Fiverr and Craigslist.

                                                       Job Boards

Job boards are amazing places where you can apply for jobs and get direct clients who will be paying you well for your articles and also be giving you tons of work. These job boards include the following

Simply hired writer category

Freelance switch jobs board

Problogger jobs board

Most hired jobs board morning coffee


Those are some of the ways to get direct clients, however always make sure that you deliver quality work to the customers and follow their instructions. Give your best  quality when it comes to writing the articles. Besides this do a lot of practice on writing and make sure that you proofread your work all the times before submitting to the client. You can use article editors to help in the process of editing your article.