How to Write Professional Articles

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You keep asking yourself can I deliver quality  professional article. How can I make my article professional and attract clients? Those are some of the questions that we ask ourselves. Customers are in search of writers who can deliver quality and professional articles. This post is going to give you tips on how to make your story professional and attract clients.


Once you have finished writing your article, choose a title that is catchy and can attract readers. If the customers have given out the title, use it and also include the keyword on it if there is any. You can use the website to assist in capitalization of your title and how to present it.


This is meant to pave a way for the readers to the main article. Introduce your article by giving a brief highlight on what the article will be all about. Also, the introduction should help the readers to know what they expect on the body of the article. It should also motivate the readers to read the article.


This is where the ideas expressed in the introduction part are explained in details. The body of the article should be subdivided into small headings. Ensure you organize your thoughts so that they can flow well and in a systematic manner.

To write professional articles you have to use short paragraphs of between (3-5) sentences. The sentences are also to be brief and clear. Do a thorough research on the topic that the client has given you or the one that you are writing about before you start the actual writing.

The article should answer the question that the client wants to address. Several sites can help you to write your story. is an excellent website that provides different articles on a variety of topics. You can get ideas on the subject that you want, however; you are not allowed to plagiarize any material.

Other great sites include is a great search engine to help in giving ideas on the article that you want to write.


It will wrap up your story. You can have few sentences to give your final thoughts on the article. Since most of it has already been covered and explained in the body.

Quality and professional articles should be from mistakes and errors. The site is great editor software to make sure your articles are free of errors. When writing it is advisable to use bullet points and lists.

The following sites will help you to improve your writing skills so that you can be able to write quality articles that are professional. Grammar girl can also help with tips on how to improve your grammar.

The site assists in improving your English grammar, and also you’re writing skills. will measure the readability of your article is readable, and this will make you know where to make the necessary corrections and perfect your story.