Freelancer Writer Personality Traits to Adopt

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Writer personality traits

Freelancing is one of the hard things to do when you are starting out as a new author. However, despite how many years you have been freelancing, you need to have great writer personality traits to keep you focused on your freelancing business.

The  following writer personality traits are essential for any freelancer writer:-

  1. 1. Be curious

With curiosity comes the urge to know more. The more you research the internet, the more you get great information that will help you in growing your freelancing business. As a writer, it is essential to do extra research to improve your writing experience.

  1. 2. Strong work ethics

Since being a freelancer writer you are your boss, you can fail to work hard or start procrastination on your plans since nobody is watching your back. This will ultimately kill your business.

  1. Time management

Punctuality is one of the key factors every freelancer writer must have. Clients give work and a set deadline to submit the work. If you are not punctual, you will end up messing with the customer, and this will cost you your business. It is important to be punctual and manage your time well as a freelancer writer.

  1. be able to follow instructions

Once a client gives you work, they always have instructions on how you are going to complete the work. As a great freelancer writer, it is important to follow clients’ instructions and perform the work according to them. If the instructions are not clear, ask for clarification from the client before starting the project. The different instructions a customer can have included:-

  • The word-count for the article/s
  • The tone you are going to write the article.
  • The layout structure of the article: number of paragraphs, subheadings, whether to use bullets or lists among others
  1. Self-discipline

Many online distractions can affect you as a freelancer writer. Social media is one of the most distractors to writers. As a writer, you need to be disciplined and avoid being distracted. Several apps help you in achieving this.

  • Freedom app. It blocks all the other websites that you can bring distractions to you, and you can create schedule focus sessions to keep you focused when working. Other great apps are:
  • LeechBlock
  • Focus booster
  • Cold turkey
  • Have a thick skin

As a writer, you will often meet with rejections even if you are experienced writer. You can get used to rejections and don’t give up when you get rejections from the pitches, proposals, query letter or bids that you make to writing clients. Don’t let rejections kill your freelancer dream, always stretch further and aim for high-paying clients.

  1. be a reader

You always need to grow your vocabulary and strengthen the writing skills. Being a freelancer writer, you need to be a reader. Read different varieties of materials to widen your grammar and writing skills. Also, ensure that you practice writing articles in different niches and have a person to criticize and review your work.

  1. Great communication skills

Writing requires one to have communication with different clients and other writers. It is important to have etiquette and communicate with clients in a professional manner. Once you have a project that you are handling for a client, ensure that you keep the client updated all the times about the progression of the project.


There you go. Those are some of the great writer personality traits that you as a writer should have. Always strive to give the best to your clients and this will open a way for more clients.